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[OM] OT Stereo Microscopes F.S.

Subject: [OM] OT Stereo Microscopes F.S.
From: Tim Hughes <timhughes@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 17:40:58 -0700 (PDT)
I bought a number of brand new industrial stereo microscopes from a local 
distributer who is closing up shop. The ones I am selling are stereo inspection 
microscopes (not brightfield) with 10X widefield eyepieces and overal 20x and 
40x magnification selected with a knob.  They come with normal ~5" setback 
focusing stand and black/white surface matt stage. They are NOT zoom 
microscopes.  They do not include a light but can be used with a gooseneck lamp 
or a standard flourescent microscope ringlight. 
Stereo is really great for looking at 3d objects like bugs,flowers or doing 
surface mount repair/soldering camera repair etc. 
You could hook up your OM using a standard eyepiece to OM TMount adapter, 
although you might need a lower power eyepiece to get magnification and 
distances to film plane right. For lipstick digi-cameras they seem to use about 
0.5X eyepiece and I think for 35mm they use 5X. I have such an adapter for my 
OM but the magnification is not marked.
$90 plus shipping (at cost) in the US. Would prefer to sell in SF Bay Area, so 
I don't have to ship them, as the custom foam packaging is bulky and the 
microscope and base together are pretty heavy.
If interested contact me off list for more information/pictures.
Tim Hughes

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