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[OM] Re: Bicycling and shooting

Subject: [OM] Re: Bicycling and shooting
From: Andrew Fildes <afildes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 21:01:18 +1000
Occasionally we have the privilege of seeing an athlete or achiever who 
displays such a freakish level of ability that s/he becomes effectively 
unbeatable throughout the major phase of their career. Armstrong is one 
such and whatever the level of team assistance or his personal 
character, that is undeniable. It is a privilege to watch him and in 
Dean's position I might have forgotten to take the shot. Awesome thing 
it must be to have been there.
There see to be a few holders of this 'Bradman trophy' at present apart 
from the entire Australian cricket team (you ready guys?) - Rossi, V.,  
Schumacher M., Ansel Adams come to mind.

On 21/04/2005, at 1:14 AM, James N. McBride wrote:

> Hmmmm.  Perhaps not enough data on Joel to compare the number of 
> remaining
> testicles. One of the French cyclists was complaining that by having 
> only
> one gonad Lance was more streamlined and had an unfair advantage. 
> People
> also complained that the cancer drugs he ingested somehow gave him an
> advantage. The Tour route has been changed this year and that may 
> reduce
> Lance's advantage on the long steep stretches. I think he would rather 
> be
> beaten in competition than quit while he is ahead.

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