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[OM] Re: Learning the E-1 pt 2

Subject: [OM] Re: Learning the E-1 pt 2
From: Chris Barker <ftog@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 06:36:24 +0100
I'm glad that you're enjoying it Brian.  It is probably worth 
downloading the bigger manual from the Olympus site as there's not much 
information in the one you get with the camera.

Ther's a lot to learn, certainly, and I have to keep going back to the 


On 21 Apr 2005, at 05:49, Brian Swale wrote:

> Most of the general diagrammes of the body do NOT label the shutter 
> button;
> but eventually I found one that does.  So that's the right button, OK..
> The explanation of auto focus seemed to indicate the shutter button 
> goes in
> quite a long way just to get confirmation of AF.  So I composed and
> focussed a subject and firmly squeezed the ball of my index finger on 
> the
> button even further, to be rewarded with another sound, and the count 
> of
> available shots reducing from 200 to 199.  Point to me.  The shutter 
> button
> has to move a LOT more than for an OM body, to get a shot.  Or maybe 
> it's
> different. With the E-1, the OM technique of gently rolling the tip of 
> the finger
> finger over, does not seem to apply. Maybe.

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