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[OM] Re: Has there been a solar eclipse? (Medium long - tedium for exper

Subject: [OM] Re: Has there been a solar eclipse? (Medium long - tedium for experienced digi users)
From: "Brian Swale" <bj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 15:34:06 +1200
Andrew wrote
> So Brian weakened and has got a new toy!  Congrats!
> I guess that makes him a member of the 'dark side' - in more ways than 
> one...  ;-)
> Let us know your impressions of the "E".  Even though I'm a committed film 
> user
> I'm still very interested in how you feel about the film-digital transition.

This could be an interesting sort of digest, as I discover a whole new world.

 Note, I have *never* used a digital camera before.

First impression, bearing in mind I bought on general favourable comments 
others made in this group about the E-1, and never otherwise had anything to 
do with one. Local shop has none in stock - I checked in advance, in person. 
First impression is how thick it is; fills the hand somewhat but my long 
fingers still impact on the camera body. A slight change in the angle of 
holding changed that somewhat and I  will get used to it.

Next; the instructions.  Lots and lots, and many buttons to learn. These will 
be a very large learning curve.

Charge the battery ( 2 hours) and fit it before anything happens.

Buy a card (virtual film, without which the camera will do very little at all); 
based on what the manual said, I planned to buy an XD card. When I saw it, 
it seemed far too small. To my slight embarrassment, I had to ask; I bought  
a (physically bigger) 250 MB Flash card for about $50. This fitted OK. Book 
says I have to format it. I think I did that via the back panel special menu.

Rear panel now no longer tells me there is no card.

I think I now have (have to go into a special program area for this).

I learned how to set ISO speed, whether to use Program or Aperture-
preferred etc. Decided for the first shots to use P.  Auto-focus seems fast 
and fairly quiet.  Fitting lens was a normal process.

View-finder is SMALL compared with an OM. I suppose I'll get used to it. I 
am going to miss the split-image in the screen. Hope they bring one into 
production soon.

So I thought it was time to take a photo. Decided on the other dog to use as 
a subject and got him sitting in a chair, totally bored already.

Zoom, focus, press shutter release the whole way (camera WAS switched 
on). Funny, no noise. I wonder what the shutter release sounds like - or even 
IF there is any noise. Oh well, lets try again a few times.

Release dog from pose and try the play-back stuff. Display screen informs 
me there are no picture to view. Ah-ha !! Or should it be "Ha".

Now what do I do?.  Back to the drawing board it seems.
........  End of playing for today  ..................

I was going to write that; I paid $999NZ  for this camera and lens. My wife is 
planning to pay $1,000 to have her little Border terrier served (mated). I was 
going to say that I'll get more shots than she will for the 1,000; but so far 
doesn't look that way  =|;-)>   Hopefully that will change soon.

Mind you, from selling the offspring (if there are any) she should make a tidy 
sum of money which is more than I expect from the E-1 work.

Finally today, off this particular topic, I'd just like to make the comment to 
Radovan that, if this group stayed so strictly on-topic as some other groups I 
belong to do, it would be practically dead. There are about 3 that I am in 
which are like that.  It is all the other chatter and exchanged experiences of 
this that help us get to know each other as people, and build up trust and 
friendship.  For my 2 cents, despite the occasional flare-ups of temper, I'll 
have this one any day.


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