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[OM] Re: OT scam virus?

Subject: [OM] Re: OT scam virus?
From: David Thatcher <davidt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 00:57:48 +0930
On Wed, Apr 20, 2005 at 08:36:10AM -0400, John Hermanson wrote:
> Here's a new one.  Someone sends you an email and says that somehow HE is 
> getting your email on his account.  So far, 10 emails have come in. As a 
> 'favor' he's compressed them into a zip file and attached them.  Attached 
> file is about 74K.  More likely it's a virus, worm, trojan.  Mail originates 
> from Denmark. Do not open.

Hi All,

I second that motion... Unless your virus scanner is _right_ up to date,
it will get through. several messages of got through our corporate
scanner until about 10am today. Fortunately we don't use windoze
locally, & a quick check of it using unix unzip showed it's true nature
(the zip file contains an executable - which can't be unzipped further-
very suspect, given that they have apparently zipped up text).

Please find text of a suspect mail below, (only attachment detail shown
as I see it in my text based mailer, no antisocial file attached!!!)

Judicious use of the delete key (with extreme prejudice) is advised...

careful with those mouse button(s),
Adelaide, South Australia

----------------- Nasty virus-spawining e-mail text----------------------
From: <deleted to protect the not-so-guilty>
To: <deleted to protect the innocent>
Subject: I've_got your EMail on my_account!
Importance: High

First, Very Sorry for my bad English.

Someone is sending your private e-mails on my address.
It's probably an e-mail provider error!
At time, I've got over 10 mails on my account, but the recipient are

I have copied all the mail text in the windows text-editor for you &
zipped then.
Make sure, that this mails don't come in my mail-box again.


[-- Attachment: your_text.zip --]
[-- Type: application/octet-stream, Encoding: base64, Size: 97K --]

----------- End of Nasty virus-spawning e-mail text-------------------

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