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[OM] Re: OT follow up on DVDs was WTB: grid screen

Subject: [OM] Re: OT follow up on DVDs was WTB: grid screen
From: Fernando Gonzalez Gentile <fgnzalez@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 09:33:43 -0300
Cc: John Hermanson <omtech@xxxxxxxxx>
on 19/04/2005 17:12, John Hermanson at omtech@xxxxxxxxx, wrote:

> Isn't it more likely that it is blue ray DVD?
> John Hermanson
I don't know, John.
The guy over the counter seemed serious about their update meeting with
He seemed serious when said the new product would be burned into Verbatim
drives only, at least for a while. We even began a short conversation about
propietary hardware & software.
As a detail, he said de drive would even be able to draw whatever you wanted
to, on its plastic surface.

And I was counting uruguayan cents to buy a new G4 Powerbook with
Superdrive... have some advantages living here, when jumping to the dark
side the E-11110 will have a telepatic interphase and waterproof ceramic
resistors ;^)


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