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[OM] WTB: grid screen, 1-14, Grip 1, Eyecup 2

Subject: [OM] WTB: grid screen, 1-14, Grip 1, Eyecup 2
From: ScottGee1 <scottgee1@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 11:54:14 -0400
Back from holiday and reviewing my pix.  Long story short - too many
tilts!  I better get a grid screen.  Also could use a 1-14.  Both will
go to Bill Maxwell to be HiLux'd.

Please advise what you have and asking price.  I'm in the U.S. . . .
though small items like these should be relatively inexpensive to ship
from anywhere.

BTW, I found the OM4T a delight to use.  Noritsu scans from the lab
are dirty and grainy but the negs look fine.

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