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[OM] Semi-off topic question about backup of e-1 digital files

Subject: [OM] Semi-off topic question about backup of e-1 digital files
From: NSURIT@xxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 21:28:01 EDT
This dang e-1 camera is challenging my ability to catalogue stuff, to throw  
cr*p away and also the capacity of my hard drive.  True confessions: I  don't 
back up anything.  Goal: To mend my ways.  I've about decided  the best way to 
treat my files safely is to get an external hard drive or  two.  Remember 
this is Mr. Techno-challenged speaking.  So tell me if  I'm headed in the right 
direction.  1) Store all my digital photo files  that I intend to keep on a 
separate external hard drive. 2) Have a second  external hard drive of the same 
capacity to back up these files. or I could have  external drive one be larger, 
have it partitioned in such a way as to  store all my photo files in one 
partition and back up my other files in the  other partition and then use the 
second external drive to only back up my photo  files.  Please lend your advice 
this subject as I am not sleeping  worrying about my image files.  Comp USA 
has their Lacie 250 Gig drives  selling for about $190 and the 160 Gig for 
about $120. Any opinions about the  best way to do this and/or equipment?  Bill 

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