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[OM] Re: OK, what's this one

Subject: [OM] Re: OK, what's this one
From: "Carlos J. Santisteban Salinas" <cjss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 17:09:49 +0200
Hi, all.

>From: "Roger D. Key" <rdk@xxxxxxxxxx>
>It is an Adaptall(-1) for Olympus; notice the lack of the stop-down button.
>Perfect for a Tamron mirror lens, which can not stop down anyway....and the
>screw holes do not give problems on OM-2S/3/4.
>Mike wrote:
>> http://www.interisland.net/watershed/mike/adaptall_mount.jpg

The Adaptall(-1) OM mount and lenses are fully functional with OM bodies,
besides the lack of DOF-preview lever. You may also mix them with their
Adaptall-2 equivalents.

The Adaptall-2 was developed for some other mounts (eg. Can*n, Nik*n) which
provide more information to the body (like absolute maximum aperture).
Since the OM bodies don't need this extra information, the Adaptall-1
system will work fine. However, that's not the case for other brands. For
instance, there were *six* models (for the six typical max. apertures of
Tamron lenses) of the Can*n-FD Adaptall-1 mount -- BTW incompatible with
Adaptall-2 lenses/mounts!



Carlos J. Santisteban


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