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[OM] To Buy or Not to Buy

Subject: [OM] To Buy or Not to Buy
From: Doggre@xxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 02:18:15 EST

$160 for an OM-2S body only is a good buy IMHO, IF the camera is in fully 
functional "very good condition", as you describe.  You can pick up a Made in 
Japan 50/1.8 for $25 to $35 just about any time on the Bay, or someone on the 
list might be willing to sell you one.  If money's tight, donate one of YOUR 
lenses for the time being. :-)

Should you buy it?  If she loved the OM-10, she'll LOVE the OM-2S.  You can 
share lenses!  Be an Olympus family!  This list needs more females!

The OM-3 should feel all warm and fuzzy with a little brother around.

I predict you'll be swapping cameras with the wife from time to time, though. 

Rich (your helpful Thursday night enabler)
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