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Re: [OM] XA problems; Why can't digital cameras be more like film camer

Subject: Re: [OM] XA problems; Why can't digital cameras be more like film cameras?
From: "John A. Lind" <jlind@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 19:57:35 -0500
At 13:23 10/29/02, Winsor Crosby wrote:
My feeling too. I am not averse to a digital system if it produces better images, but there is no way I am going for an autofocus, three button menu driven computer for my main camera, film or digital. I am sure that the next step is to be able to plug the camera into a lap top to set the controls - so far from what a photographer needs as to be a parody.

To borrow a term from Linear Pogramming, you don't understand the "objective function." It's not maximizing better photographs or yield rate "Wall Hangers." It's maximizing two other criteria: (a) Outward display of opulence to impress others with all the expensive electronic gadgetry that you can [supposedly perhaps] afford. (b) Display of wizardry with said gadgetry to further impress others with your mastery of complex electronic gadgetry.

Remember, if you own a very expensive, flashy, complex Rube Goldberg type device that can allegedly do anything, and can give the appearance you have mastered it, it implies you can do anything and you will be accorded adulation and admiration of others. This is predicated on the widespread assumption that there is nothing one cannot master if only one throws enough money at buying a device[s] to do it all for you.

There's another approach to this that Stephen Gandy suggests; if one cannot be a Master at it, at least one can look the part:

  The Problem:
  The Solution:

IMHO, someone who can do [nearly] anything with a simple box Brownie is the true master and the person who should be accorded adulation and admiration. Plain simplicity is elegance.

-- John

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