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Re: [OM] XA problems; Why can't digital cameras be more like film camera

Subject: Re: [OM] XA problems; Why can't digital cameras be more like film cameras?
From: Winsor Crosby <wincros@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 10:23:05 -0800
William said:

We've been jabbering about what we want to see in a digital camera. I'd like
one that works more like a film camera.

My D-620L tends to underexpose (ie, I don't like the default exposure). To
increase the exposure, I have to navigate the menu, because Olympus was too
cheap to put an exposure-compensation dial on the camera. When you consider
that "pro" digicams aren't any smaller than 35mm cameras, there's no excuse
for not duplicating the "important" film-camera controls.

My feeling too. I am not averse to a digital system if it produces better images, but there is no way I am going for an autofocus, three button menu driven computer for my main camera, film or digital. I am sure that the next step is to be able to plug the camera into a lap top to set the controls - so far from what a photographer needs as to be a parody.
Winsor Crosby
Long Beach, California

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