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[OM] Ansel Adams on PBS

Subject: [OM] Ansel Adams on PBS
From: Doggre@xxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 04:30:53 EDT
Sorry if this has been discussed recently.  I don't recall seeing it. 

I just saw a PBS tv special on Ansel Adams.  Or should say I caught the last 
third of it.  Might be able to catch the whole thing on a rerun in the middle 
of the night.

Even on my 2nd hand tv that won't take commands from the remote any more 
(hard on the beer studies), Adam's photos are stunning.  What was most 
interesting was the film showing him in action in the darkroom.  I had NO 
idea!  Like ballet.  His photos are TRULY works of art!

And standing on top of his old '50? Pontiac? station wagon on a platform with 
his 8 X 10 -- wouldn't that jiggle the vehicle and hence camera?  Or did he 
use a bulb?

One other little moment stands out: a chance moment when the right conditions 
met the prepared mind.  He screeched his care to a stop.  He and his 
equipment together were one, but as proficient as he was, he got only one 
photo.  That was enough.

Beautiful tribute to Adams, this program.  Watch for it if you haven't seen 
it.  Sometimes television is awesome.

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