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[OM] Re: Pentax DSLR Announced

Subject: [OM] Re: Pentax DSLR Announced
From: The Bobbs <thebobbs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 21:30:21 -0600

At 02:37 PM 10/22/2002, you wrote:
All that said...I'll ask the question one more time. Does the "APS sized
sensor" that Pentax is referring to possibly mean they are becoming a 4/3
format player?

Nope. Check out this link (below) to see that a 4/3" sensor is _much_ smaller than even an APS sized sensor, which in turn is quite a bit smaller than a full frame 36x24 mm. A lens for a 4/3" would be unacceptable for APS and one designed for APS would have the same problem as the D-30/D-60 do with focal length multipliers when using standard 35mm format lenses.


If so, that makes four (Olympus, Fuji, Kodak being the first

Alas, no. It is a real shame that Pentax, Minolta and the three above can't come to agreement on one interchangeable mount. I don't think it will be a healthy for the "smaller format" players to fragment the market.

At this point, the only hope for Pentax or "KodaFuPus" lies in quickly showing that a full "solution" (APS or 4/3 sensor, plus a few lenses) produces a imaging system which is smaller, significantly cheaper and as good (or better in at least a few cases) than the full framed competition. Otherwise, market momentum will settle in on full-frame sensors and they'll be roadkill.

Pentax and OlyDak are not pursuing a common solution, that's a verifiable fact.

My extrapolation that suggests both camps (APS or 4/3") will suffer if they don't quickly get a beachhead is just opinion. That said, nobody has released a spec sheet, so there is still time for a "backroom deal" to get everybody in one big tent. I hope that happens.

I really want to see the "smaller is better" approach explored. A 300-600 f4 of any quality would be an expensive monstrosity for 35mm. It could be entirely sensible on a 4/3" sensor.

Mike Veglia
Motor Sport Visions Photography


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