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Subject: Re: [OM] Zuiko TOP TEN
From: Brice1021@xxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 22:19:54 EDT
I have been catching up on the digest after returning from vacation and I saw
this thread on the top ten.  I noticed a few of you discussed the weight of
equipment.  Here was the stuff I took with me on my family trip to Florida:

28/2.8 w/case
50/2 w/case
75-150/4 w/hard case
85/2 w/case
OM-4 w/35-70/3.5-4.5 attached
Sunpack 433D flash
10 rolls film, misc. filters, 7 & 25mm ext. tubes 

All packed neatly in a Domke F-803 satchel bag (yes, it all fit!) it weighed
10 1/2 pounds (4.8 kg).  A little heavy but when taking pictures, both cameras
are out and the bag rests quite comfortably on my shoulder. 

Everytime I can put this much equipment into such a small space, I am
pleasantly reminded of the wise decision I made to select the OM System many
years ago.

Bill Rice
RLB, Illinois

P.S.  Like a few others on the list, I too am a new father.  This was the
first trip with our 2 1/2 month old daughter.  If only the OM System concept
of lightness and compactness could be applied to baby gear!

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