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[OM] Spot Meter reading vs OTF

Subject: [OM] Spot Meter reading vs OTF
From: "Richard Dale" <Richard_Dale@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 11:58:03 +0000
An interesting point comes to mind, if you've made a spot (or multi-spot)
reading on Auto, the camera has therefore stored the resulting EV, would
OTF metering then change that exposure at the last moment if the light
conditions change, as it would in centre-weighted mode.
I understand that as with all aperture priority systems with electronic
shutters (as on OM4) the actual speed is stepless (eg 1/70). Presumably
however the OM3 only works in full stops with its mechanical shutter.
With zuiko lenses intermediate f stop positions are possible, at least on
most of them, though there is no actual setting on the lens barrel.
With the combination of spot-metering, aperture priority auto and
intermediate f stop adjustment  the OM4 must offer one of the most finely
tuned exposure systems.
I usually adjust the exposure to give maximum depth of field possible at
slightly faster than 1/60 second. I find that even at slower shutter speeds
(1/30 - 1/60) with OM you can still handhold.
Often I find that a single spot reading on what is closest to 18 0rey is

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