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Re: [OM] Documentation & 135mm question

Subject: Re: [OM] Documentation & 135mm question
From: Gary Schloss <schloss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 11:18:38 -0800
Manitoba Rob wrote:

>Also, is there any cheap third party lenses in the 135/2.8 range that
>are not too bad?  Usually the 135mm seems to be an easy lens to get
>right, even for off brand makers.

Several people already suggested to shop around for the 135/f2.8 Zuiko,
which is an excellent and often undervalued lens.  I also second
Gary Faulkenberry's ringing endorsement of the Vivitar Series 1 135/f2.3
lens -- a terrific piece of glass.

Here are a few more alternatives. First, there is the Tamron Adaptall-2
135/f2.5 (late model) -- a very sharp lens, which also focuses fairly
close (min. focus: 4 ft, min. aperture: 32, filter size: 58mm). Sizewise,
it's very close to the Zuiko.

Second, there is the Vivitar Close-Focusing 135/f2.8.  It's rather unique
in that this is practically a macro lens -- goes down to under 2 ft, or
1:2 life size (filter size: 62mm). Very well made, and an excellent
performer. Both of the above sell for $75-125.

Finally, you won't go wrong with the Hoya HMC 135/f2.8. Hoya is Tokina's
corporate parent, so I presume these lenses were made by Tokina. Usually
very inexpensive ($50-60), and the fit and finish quality is impressive.

Godd luck,

/Gary Schloss.
Studio City, CA

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