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Re: [OM] Documentation

Subject: Re: [OM] Documentation
From: "Shawn Wright" <swright@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 21:27:36 -0700
> In a message dated 98-07-28 00:54:06 EDT, you write:
> << > Call Olympus
>  >  1-800-622-6372
>  I wrote just last week that the wait time on a recent manual request was
> about
>  5 months.  IMHO, that isn't a viable alternative.
>  Gary Reese
>  Las Vegas, NV
>   >>
> I have requested, at different times, and received manuals for OM-PC, OM4T,
> and F280.  The manuals arrived within the week.  I called once looking for the
> small flash cover that screws onto the front of my OM4T.  They sent it
> immediately and at no charge.   Olympus simply has the best customer service
> and support!
> Hope this helps.
> Ed

Maybe it depends who is on switchboard on a given day...
I called a year ago when I got my 4-T, spoke to the receptionist 
asking for a 4-T manual, and got copies of both manuals in about 
two weeks. Hmmm.... mine is missing that TTL socket cover too... 
guess I should call them again. :-)
I also filled out a form on the US web site asking for OM-2000 info, 
but received only general a Oly product guide. Maybe they weren't 
in print yet...

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