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Re: [OM] Focus Camera Saga - Happy ending

Subject: Re: [OM] Focus Camera Saga - Happy ending
From: Soenke Jansen <SoJa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 13:16:54 +0200
Richard Dale wrote:
> They say they have now shipped the goods 


> "even though costs had gone up since
> April leaving them with no margin".

Poor folks, I can virtually see them 'crying all the way to the bank'!

> I owe them another $25 [...]

This must roughly be the interest on the money you sent them over these months!
I think they may do well, not to ask you to pay it, as sending the $25 will
again produce handling fees, which you'd have to pay!
Focus Camera certainly doesn't seem to be extremely anxious to win overseas
And I thought this form of 'service mentality' was a german disease!

All the best, and I hope your stuff arrives in good shape!
Soenke, Hamburg

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