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[OM] 65-200 f/4 vs/ primes........

Subject: [OM] 65-200 f/4 vs/ primes........
From: "james olson" <james_olson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 16:50:24 PDT
have any members of this list compared images from the 65-200 f/4 zoom, 
compared to lenses such as the 100/2.8 and the 200/5 for example.  i 
recently returned from a long trip, (india, nepal, sikkim) in which i 
brought a 50/3.5 macro and a 100/2.8, opting to leave the 65-200 at 
home.  i find the zoom is difficult to hand hold, if not impossible...  
the images from the 50 and the 100 i am very impressed with ( i hope to 
post images on the olympus gallery soon...  need scanner) 

 i haven't had time to test the zoom yet, so i was hoping to learn how 
people feel the zoom compares to primes optically....

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