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[OM] Lurking for Three Weeks

Subject: [OM] Lurking for Three Weeks
From: Kevin Dunn <kdunn@xxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 1998 18:01:36 -0400
I confess to being a Zuikoholic. I've just restarted my photography hobby
after having been missing in action for the last ten years. 

It all started when I saw an add for the OM2000 in JR Music worlds catalog.
They erroneously labeled it an AutoFocus camera ie. "AF". When I reseached
it and found out it was a cheapo manual knock-off by Cosina I bought a
N*k*n N70 with two plastic zooms. Pictures turned out great by I still
missed the pride of ownership that I felt with my OM-2n.

To make a long story short after shopping the used market my original OM
rig has been enhanced.

        Original rig: OM2-N
                        T-20 flash
                        50mm 1.8 zuiko w/silver barrel
                        28mm 3.5 zuiko black barrel and Oly metal hood
                        70-205mm 3.5 Vivitar with matched 2x multiplier
                        Vivitar eztension tubes (set of 3)

        Is now joined by:
                        OM2000 - as a spare in case the OM2n ever dies
                        65-205mm 4.0 zuiko zoom (LN in box)
                        200mm 4.0 telephoto w/silver barrel (10)
                        50mm 1.4 zuiko w/black barrel(10)
                        "New" Auto Winder 2 from BH Mail Order
                        Oly rubber hood for 50mm/35mm (new in box

                        1 T20 connector
                        1 multi-connector
                        1 sad lookin type4 connector

                        Second T20 with a Vivitar SL-2 slave 
                        cause I can't find any more T-20 connectors

                        Slik DX700 Tri-Titanium alloy Tripod

Flower pictures with the 200mm and 36mm extension tube turned out sharper
than the N70 and a 105mm 2.8 AF Nikkor. John Shaws techniques really do

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