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[OM] Call for old timers...

Subject: [OM] Call for old timers...
From: "Shawn Wright" <swright@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 19:41:46 -0700
How many old timers do we have out there?? Ummm... let me 
rephrase that... 

How many long time list members do we have? Who can tell me 
when this list was launched, and by whom?

I recall finding it a few years back when it was based in Finland? 
(or was it Norway?). Anyway, I'd love to know, so I could post a bit 
more info on the evolution of the list, who's been involved over the 
years, etc. Also, if anyone can provide list digests prior to June 97, 
I'd love to have them added to the archives.

Please contact me off-list if you can help with the latter.


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