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Re: [OM] T10 Ring Flash

Subject: Re: [OM] T10 Ring Flash
From: "lion1" <c1000s@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 03:40:28 -0500
Mahlon wrote,

<They were shooting the model against the glass block wall, and were using a
rather large ring flash (of the indirect variety, using a circular
reflector) on the camera for, I imagine, shadowless fill. >

The studio way is to make a ring of umbrellas w/ flash heads in front of the
model and poke your OLY through the center.  I personally don't like this
look but they have their reasons.
( I can't find any reference at the moment, it's 3:30 AM, so this is how I
remember it anyway).

Charlie Loeven
Largo, Florida

Good Night all...

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