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re:[OM] Zuiko TOP TEN

Subject: re:[OM] Zuiko TOP TEN
From: Steven_Read@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 21:24:24 -0400

Zuiko lenses are like stone soup, the only really necessary one is the
50/1.8, but then you find that the 85/2 is wonderful so that goes in the
bag, then....  Pretty soon you've got a few and not too long after that
you're having discussions about bokeh.  If we must make a top ten list why
not the best bokeh on a budget list?  I.E. the starter list.  Something
like, and I've cut out a few possibles because when I thought of it as a
budget list I  decided 10 was way to big for a budget:

   50/1.8 ($10-40)        - all around everything lens
   85/2 ($175-180)        - portraiture
   35/2.8 ($70-95)        - architecture, landscapes, new ways of looking
   50/3.5 macro ($150-175)     - new ways of looking
   75-150/4 ($90-150)          - cropping in the lens
   500/8 Reflex ($430-570)*    - for getting close to that antelope

*my sample of this was much cheaper which is why the 500 is on my list (of
course it probably wouldn't make the all bokeh list ;-), prices from Paul
Farrar's Oly lenses FAQ

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