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Re: [OM] Ring flashes on 20 mm and 38 mm macros?

Subject: Re: [OM] Ring flashes on 20 mm and 38 mm macros?
From: Soenke Jansen <SoJa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 14:37:11 +0200
VELUWEH@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Roughly estimated 2-15 cm., depending on magnification. If there is
> enough space for a mounted flash (ring or T28)? That would depend on
> the solution how you attach them. For instance, when the Bellows is
> horizontal, I can let my ringflash rest on the 38mm macro, and this
> works; only to operate the aperture set ring(s) (I have the manual
> macros) I would have to (re)move the flash. If you would mount a
> ringflash as they're supposed to (like a filter, using some adapter),
> the highest magnifications would no longer be possible. The solution
> that would work best, I guess, would be some way to mount either the
> T28 twins (which I don't have - yet) or two T32's on the Bellows front
> plate. But how do you attach two hot shoes firmly to this plate in such
> a way that they can easily be removed?
> Hans

Hmmmm, I think I remember that Novoflex used to (or still does) produce a
goose-neck 'cold'-shoe mount for flashes for macro-work. Maybe the other end
could be attached to the base of the bellows or the tripod (I might find an old
catalogue at work)? That should be a very 'flexible' solution and you wouldn't
have to alter the the front plate of the bellows.
As for the ring flash: couldn't you possibly attach that (probably using the
obligatory rubber band) to the appropriate Lieberkuehn-reflector for these
lenses (PM-LM). That should give a very even light, at least for the longer
working distances.
I hope this is of any use to you,
Soenke, Hamburg

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