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[OM] Results from holiday

Subject: [OM] Results from holiday
From: "Wiese" <wiese@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 18:56:14 +1000
Hi all

I've just received 2 sets of prints and 3 of slides from my trip away last
week, and I'm pretty happy, especially with my 'new' 24mm zuiko, which is
lovely, except for delivering flare in the form of a bright orange circle
segment down one side when the sun is in the frame (at sunset).  My 135/2.8
zuiko fared better, and the 24 was fine if the sun was to a large extent
obscured by cloud.

My favourite shots are of a dawn I took looking out past the lighthouse at
Australia's most eastern point - great clouds, and red fingers of light,
with, as I planned at the time, the lighthouse light clearly visible.  It
involved getting up at 4:45 am and carting the tripod down to the beach, but
it was well worth it. I shot on Velvia (for the first time, and loved it)
with OM1 mirror locked up, the beach reflecting dawn light in the bottom
3rd... Lovely.

I'll have to wait until summer to see if the brighter, harsher light dampens
my enthusiasm for Velvia; I think its Gary Reese who said he generally used
Agfachrome 50, unless the colours needed the extra saturation? (sorry if
that's not right...); it's something I want to try.

I'm still have to have a look at some b+w candids I took of the local
hippie/new-age and surfer types that seem to flock to the town.  Plus there
are a couple of colour negs i think could look great in b+w and given some
proper printing attention, which is something I haven't tried before (ie
colour neg --> b+w paper).

Also, today I visited a magical exhibition at the Byron Mapp Gallery in
Sydney, with a main exhibition of Andre Kertesz prints from his estate in
the USA, plus several 12x18 signed Cartier-Bresson prints (the usual
classics, at $7000 - $7500 unframed), more by Edouard Boubat, and then
several by another in a similar style from the 50's era whose name escapes
me... (Willy .....?).  I hadn't seen very many by particularly Boubat, and
just loved them.  Inspirational stuff.

Sorry about the longie...



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