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[OM] zuiko 35mm 2.0 and 25-105 questions

Subject: [OM] zuiko 35mm 2.0 and 25-105 questions
From: "claude" <claudeb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 17:24:03 -0700
I have a 35mm 2.0 on layaway at the local camera store.  When I first saw
it there was no pric/e tag on it, but the sales person put one for 169
dollars on it.  Foolishly I di not put it on laway right then.  When I went
back the greedy owner had upped the price to 289 dollars, I got him to come
back down but only to 200 dollars.  It seems like a good lens, any
experiences?  There is a 35-105 zuiko as well for 150 dollars.  My question
is: is this a genuine olympus lens, or is it manufactured by a third party
and tagged as an olympus?  And is the zoom lens any good?  If so, I may get
it.  Plus I would like an OM4T, but a friend who fixes cameras says that
the little black deal on the lens mount invariably breaks and costs big
bucks to fix.  Any comments?  Then I have an 85mm 2.0 which has flecks of
black coating inside the barrel, does this affect the picture taking
capabilities?  Also I have an old 135mm singlecoated zuiko with oil on the
diaphragm blades, is it worth fixing for 60 bucks, or should I look for a

Thanks all, this is my first posting here.


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