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Re: [OM] Yes (was Concord Pavilion) -Zero Olympus content

Subject: Re: [OM] Yes (was Concord Pavilion) -Zero Olympus content
From: "Ulf Westerberg" <ulf.westerberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 22:19:58 +0200
Pauls0627@xxxxxxx wrote:
>YES fan here!
>As far as Oly content... I got some great shots of them in Madison Square
>Garden, way back when in the late 70's (1977, I think) with an OM-1 and
>handheld, using Ektachrome 400.
Would love to seem them.

>Been so long, and so many changes, I don't even know who is in the band

Check out http://www.wilmington.net/yes/ and the links, should keep you busy
for a while :-)

and gma@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>Well, There's Brad
>    The Preacher The Teacher
>since 1972
>Yes Love Yes, though sometimes TOO preachy

and Jo(h)n Petrush was kept awake(n)

and Camtech-John wrote:
>I saw YES during their Close To The Edge Tour with Wakeman (the rebel).
Cool &
>spacey!  Those were the days.

The days may be over but the music's  still there, if you catch them on tour
right now, you may be hearing Close to the edge, though with a replacement
for Wakeman. Anyone interested, see http://www.yesworld.com/ for dates.

All this from a fan since 1972 who has loved every incarnation. I couldn't
catch them while on tour in Europe this spring since I was busy exercising
my OM's among Saguaros and desert flowers in Arizona/California. (Floods of

Brad, I take it you'll give us a (OM or non-OM related, did you get any
shots?) review of the SF concert.

Ulf Westerberg

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