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Re: [OM] Medium [P645N] format resolution

Subject: Re: [OM] Medium [P645N] format resolution
From: WKato@xxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 12:00:14 EDT
In a message dated 98-07-22 07:58:06 EDT, you write:

<<                                Resolution
                   F/      Center          Corner
                   2.8      45 (VG)         41 (VG)  
                   4         50 (Exc)        41 (Exc)
                   5.6      55 (Exc)        42 (Exc)
                   8        70 (Exc)        50 (Exc)
                   11       63 (Exc)        44 (Exc)
                   16       63 (Exc)        45 (Exc)
When I initially read the resolution figures, they didn't make any sense so I
reordered them.  PopPhoto and their lack of editors strike again. They also
made a similar error in reporting on the Pentax 400mm.  It does little to
uphold confidence in their testing.

In any event, if the above figures are true, and you use the same film, the
"quality" of the print should be directly proportional to the
negative/transparency size.

Warren Kato

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