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[OM] Why Oly is in a hole / screens & 280 flash]

Subject: [OM] Why Oly is in a hole / screens & 280 flash]
From: John Hermanson <omtech@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 12:11:40 -0400
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Subject: Re: [OM] Why Oly is in a hole / screens & 280 flash
From: John Hermanson <omtech@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 14:04:44 -0400
A customer of mine just bought a black 4Ti and it had the focusing screen frame
from an OM-1, with the narrow tab cutout, so 2 series screens don't fit.


ONLYOLYBW@xxxxxxx wrote:

> In a message dated 7/17/98 2:14:55 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
>  VELUWEH@xxxxxxxxxx writes:
> Hans wrote;
> << The latter is very true indeed, but although the 2-13 may already be
>  mounted in a new 3-Ti (why not in 4-Ti's, Olympus???), the "2" series
>  of focusing screens certainly are not specifically designed for this
>  camera - remember they fit and work without restrictions in the 2Sp, 3,
>  4 and 4Ti too. So the real upgrade was indeed to the System, not to
>  this specific camera.
> I do not own a 4Ti, but I was under the impression that "New" 4Ti's came with
>  2-13 screens.  Anyone bought a new 4Ti lately.  What do they come with, a
>  1-13?  Is Han's understanding correct?
>  Buddy Walters wrote;
>  >You only get the addition of TTL (For those who think you also get the
>  280 SP mode.  Forget it. It only works as a manual mode,GN ¦'s etc.)
>  Hans wrote;
>  The support for Super FP, using the F280 flash is a feature of the 3Ti,
>  next to TTL flash support, but it works differently compared to the
>  4Ti, since the camera can only control (cut off) the flash (which can
>  be done both in TTL and in Super FP mode),
> Hans, I believe you are incorrect here.  In my experience the 3Ti will not
>  "cut off the flash" in Super FP mode, only in TTL mode.  If it did, Olympus
>  would not tell us on page 43 of the 3Ti instruction manual to "Select the
>  shutter speed between 1/2000 and 1/60 sec. and aperture according to the 
> chart
>  on the left".
>  but the camera can't change the shutter speed during exposure which the 4Ti
>  can;
> I started a thread on the 280 & 4T a few months ago.  I was under the same
>  understanding as you, that the 4T would increase shutter speed in the Super 
> FP
>  mode.  According to many on the list here, this is not true.  The 4T/4Ti (in
>  auto) & 280 FP balances "cuts off" the flash light output but does not
>  "increase" the shutter speed.
> I guess both cameras support FP without the need to carry a table or use GN's,
> Snip!
> I wish this was true with the 3Ti, but all pictures I have tried to take with
>  the 280 set to Super FP mode came out totally over exposed.  With the setting
>  on TTL, all were correct.  My experiences confirms what I read in the 3Ti
>  manual.
> If anyone has some more info to add to this, please do so.  I seams there is a
>  lot of misinterpretation of Olympus's brochures here.
> BW
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