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Re: [OM] Moon and Jupiter

Subject: Re: [OM] Moon and Jupiter
From: Christopher Biggs <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 16 Jul 1998 07:33:34 +1000
Terry and Tracey <foxcroft@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> moved upon the face of the 
'Net and spake thusly:

> I got up this morning to start the car for defrosting (-5 overnight). I
> looked up and saw a half moon through the high fog. Nice halo. And Jupiter
> about 1/2 a degree from the moon, shining (or more accurately, reflecting)
> bright.

I saw that too... (up at my normal "pitch dark and too bloody early")

> So I dah inside and grab the 1n and the 300 and tripod. Snap a few pictures.

Wish I'd had time (+lens)... 

Congrats on your well-carped diem.

> What exposure? I don't have a spot meter, and no film in the 2SP. So I went
> for sunny f16, and then a 2 stop overexposure. Then I arced up the
> PC and

One under Sunny 16 is good for the full moon... don't think jupiter
would come out well at that exp, tho.

Hope to see the shots on the gallery?


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