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Re: [OM] OM-PC

Subject: Re: [OM] OM-PC
From: gfaulken@xxxxxxxxxx (Gary Faulkenberry)
Date: 15 Jul 98 14:13:40 MDT

I have owned an OM PC since 1993 and have found it to be a reliable 
camera. Two additions to the camera made a significant improvement to me. 
The first was the addition of the Eyecup 1 with the correct diopter and 
the second was the change to the 2-4 screen. The PC does not have owner 
interchangeable screens. However, both Photosphere and Camtech can make 
the change if you desire. I'm used to matte screens and found the split 
image annoying. Also, the 2-4 will brighten the viewfinder image 
considerably. If the price is right, a PC can make a nice addition/start 
to the OM system. Good Luck.

Gary Faulkenberry

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