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Re: [OM] So long and thanks for all the posts

Subject: Re: [OM] So long and thanks for all the posts
From: John Hermanson <omtech@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 16:23:29 -0400
Hey buddy, sorry to see you go, I (we) hope you might rejoin the list if the
future allows it.

John Hermanson

Chung, Stephen (D&B Telecom) wrote:

> Hi OM System Fans
> Last month was my 1st anniversary as an Olympus OM System user and this
> month is my last on the Oly mailing list so being somewhat of a SNAG,
> I'd like to thank a bunch of people on the Oly list before I go.
> OM content? none actually, just the people who use it.
> R. Lee Hawkins, I thank you for the Oly FAQ.  It only seems like
> yesterday when I printed out the "What to look for in a used camera and
> lens" bits and clutched them in my sweaty hands as I rang the doorbell
> of the house advertising an OM1n for sale.   With the help of those
> print outs I made my first successful OM body and lens purchase.
> Giles Stewart I thank you for your posts and maintaining the Oly mailing
> list when I first subscribed to it shortly after purchasing my first OM.
>  Re: your close encounter with the bat round two,  methinks you missed
> an opportunity to be one of the few to experience that rarely mentioned
> photographic art form - flush photography.....:-)
> Paul Farrar I thank you for the "Unofficial Olympus OM Zuiko Lens Page"
>  I can't recall the number of times I've resorted to the average Used
> prices on this page when attempting to prove what a bargain my latest
> lens purchases are to the wife.  It has saved me from many a cold and
> unpleasant night sleeping in the garden shed.
> Ken Norton I thank for your great posts.  I recall when I first posted
> to the Oly list and mentioned that this OM stuff was extremely habit
> forming - you advised "try prozac".  Well it didn't work, I reckon there
> is no cure if you are naturally predisposed to the effects of the Oly
> bug bite.
> Gary Schloss, what a guy!, as far as I'm concerned you are "The Man"
> regardless of the color of your tutu.  I bow before ye.  Thanks for all
> your help and those posts - an infotainment extravaganza!
> John Hermanson troubleshooter extraordinare, I thank you for your how to
> keep you OM healthy posts and wish you good health and good times to
> come
> Frank V. L. another troubleshooter extraordinare but in clogs,  rumoured
> Owner of the Greatest OM Show on Earth thanks for sharing your
> knowledge.
> John Petrush thanks for all the tips and advice - inspirational stuff.
> Denton Taylor - never let an overdeveloped sense of brand loyalty get in
> the way of a good picture.  Hope I got that right, thanks for your view
> point.
> John Gardner, Ulf Westerberg roving reporters on the list thanks for
> those compelling stories.
> Gary Reese and Doris Fang thanks for you strategies on cost effective
> Oly system collecting and what to do with them afterwards.
> Tomoko I thank you for organising the Oly petitions, if the OM5 does
> eventuate,  I bet that your efforts played a significant part - power to
> the people.  I'll start saving just in case.
> Shawn Wright I thank you for taking over the Oly list and adding all
> those enhancements - I look forward to checking in on the archives every
> now and then.
> A collective thanks to the rest of the Oly list members also.
> I wonder where some of the former regular posters on this list have got
> to :- Gene Mayeda, LJ Clark, Joseph Albert, Clive Warren, Carl Turner,
> Michael Covington, Richard Wong, Rand Tomcala.  Ah well, I suppose all
> good things must come to an end.  (er apologies in advance if any of you
> are still on the list)
> So long and thanks for all the posts
> Regards
> S.C.
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