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[OM] Duplicating Colour Slides onto B/W -ves using OLY Bellows???

Subject: [OM] Duplicating Colour Slides onto B/W -ves using OLY Bellows???
From: "John Petrush" <jpetrush@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 15:23:02 -0400
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From: John Petrush <jpetrush@xxxxxxxxx>
To: olympus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <olympus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Friday, July 10, 1998 10:49 PM
Subject: re: [OM] Duplicating Colour Slides onto B/W -ves using OLY

>My thoughts on your questions Stuart.  Others milage my vary.
>1.  The Oly bellows/slide copier is economical, but there are cheaper ways.
>That combination, along with the 80mm f/4 bellows lens, does a very
>respectable job, but there are better was, such as a Bowens Illumitran.
>That said, it is how I dupe slides.
>2. The slide duplicator has very little movement to allow you to "zoom in"
>on an area.  I recall Kerry commenting that she uses her 20mm macro lens
>such tasks.  I use the light head from my enlarger with a 20mm or 38mm and
>the bellows for that sort of work.
>3.   The quality of your B&W internegative will not match the quality of an
>original negative.  You will lose sharpness and gain contract in the
>duplication process.
>4.  Sorry, can't help you on availability, much less CHEAP.
>Good luck,
>John P
>>>Stuart Goggin <SGOGGIN@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> asked:
>>>I would like to duplicate some Colour slides onto Black and white
>>>film,  this would allow me to use Colour slides on site, then pick the
>>>shots and duplicate them for BW.  I do not have any proper macro
>>>or even a slide copier.   At some stage in the future I will look at
>>>the necessary olympus equip.  I will probably look at some sort of
>>>attachment or macro tube, with a detachable slide mounting.  I know very
>>>little about this, so I have some questions:
>>> Is the Olympus Bellows and associated slide copier the best/economical
>>> Will the Olympus slide duplicator allow one to zoom into areas of a
>>> Will the quality of the negative be as good as if I shot it originally
>>> If the bellows are the best option, anyone know of one going CHEAP?

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