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Re: [OM] Dew prevention, etc.

Subject: Re: [OM] Dew prevention, etc.
From: Gary Edwards <edwardsg@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 10:35:53 -0500

I recommend Velvia or Tech Pan for photographing dying Dodge diesels on
desert highways.  Since they are not going very fast you can use sloww
shutter speeds.  And you will probably want to use a Zuicko 21 or 24 mm
lens so you won't have to stand very far in the traffic lanes to get the
truck full frame. On the other hand, if it appears about to blow up, use
a Zuicko 300 f/4.5 or longer...

Really is too bad you didn't make it, Glacier is great this time of
year.  If it's any consolation, it was 113 degrees when we rolled into
Carlsbad, New Mexico week before last with an OM-4T, OM-2N, 21 mm,

Gary Edwards

Patrick W. Greenlee wrote:
> with engine problems neccessitating interstate speeds as low as 30-35 MPH
> on hills (Lost Wages, err ah Las Vegas was 109 F). Exhaused the diagnostic
> resources of two Dodge dealers and currently have truck in a Cummins shop
> who are waiting for Chrysler to supply parts. NOT A PRETTY PICTURE...
> Patrick
> P.S. Electronic sympathy cards may be emailed direct.

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