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Re: [OM] Velvia speed

Subject: Re: [OM] Velvia speed
From: gma <gma@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 02:20:04 -0700

Wiese wrote:

>  [The following is not a particular shot at anybody...] IMHO, it seems
> to me the way to go, especially in difficult situations such as high
> contrast lighting, is just to bracket more.  If an individual finds
> they prefer their shots consistently exposed over or under the given
> speed, then rate it differently, by all means. (I generally rate Kodak
> slide film at 1/3 of a stop faster than that recommended).  Taking
> advice is of course normal, but blindly following another
> photographer's experiences with a different camera under different
> conditions would seem strange  I'm also about to try Velvia for the
> first time, and I'll be starting out with the ISO set at 50, bracket
> heavily (as for any film I'm using for the first time), take notes,
> and make my decision from there. Cheers Andy

Right, Andy, that's the way I'd do it. Bracket & see what works for you.

BTW, it's 2AM here in Cal. Beautiful warm nite. Full moon and, I
suspect, Jupiter are quite a sight in the Southern sky.  I just took a
couple what the heck shots.

Andy, what's it like down-under when you get this.  Just curious.

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