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[OM] Greetings from the Land Up Over

Subject: [OM] Greetings from the Land Up Over
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2024 00:03:45 -0800
It's been a while since I've grunted anything to the list. I'm still
here, still as crazy as ever. OK,OK, who am I trying to fool? Crazy
has no boundaries when it comes to me, I've rewritten the book on

Not nearly as much photography has happened over the past two years as
supposed to be happening. That's partially because of my life changes,
personal safety, multiple battles with Covid, foot injuries, as well
as my focusing on the music business. But I do get out and about
photographing probably about as much as I did back in Iowa. That's
significantly down from my peak of about 50,000 pictures a year after
I moved here to Alaska. I think the shutters on my cameras are

I'm likely to expend some government issued units of exchange for a
new camera system this year. I do have one in mind, but meantime I'm
spending said units of exchange on more sound and music gear. It's
been a good couple of years and I'm thankful for the monetary
blessings that 70+ hours a week of work can offer.

I did have a goal for this summer of being a DJ on the event/festival
circuit or equivalent. I'm not touring yet, but I do have a 2x a week
residency here in Anchorage and another one or two DJ or audio gigs a
week. This next winter I do plan on escaping somewhere for a couple of
months. Maybe that will get me some gigs in warmer climates.

I've been also DJing in the Rave scene. That's a bit different, but
very fun. Honestly, I'll take that over the bar scene any day.
Speaking of, on Friday night I had my first drug overdose death while
I was DJing. That was a little surreal. Working right in the middle of
downtown Anchorage, this stuff happens, but it usually happens OUTSIDE
the door, not INSIDE the door. And then Saturday night, there was a
stabbing just across the street. Definitely not one of our better
weekends where I work as a DJ. It'll take me a few days to process all
that in my mind.

DJing is, without a doubt, the hardest thing I've ever learned how to
do as an adult. But that's because I don't half-arse anything - I
full-arse it. It's paying off, though. For anyone planning on coming
to Alaska this summer, I can be found downtown Anchorage every Friday
and Saturday night messing up everyone's hearing.

Anyhoo, I did get out and enjoyed this beautiful weekend here. Got
some hiking in and did a bit of photography with the EM1Mk2.

Go Olympus, and all that.

AG Schnozz
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