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Subject: Re: [OM] More Photos (less gear)
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2024 14:50:09 -0700
On 3/29/2024 1:36 PM, usher99--- via olympus wrote:
I like gear related and photo posts.


Nice collection--studied each one.


Narrow dof shots of flowers are my favorite but are extremely difficult to pull 
off successfully at least by me.

Did you read my response to Frank?

"Most of those are what one might call manipulated DoF. I take a stack of frames/slices, to get the subject all in focus. By shooting wide open, f1.2, I get lovely background bokeh. The stack for the pink spherical blossom, top, right, is 91 frames! Close focus, deep 3D subject f1.2 means razor thin DoF in each frame. The first one, just that small, about to open blossom, is 15 slices, but oooh, that bokeh!

If I shoot @ f5.6 (f11 in FF DoF), it takes far fewer slices, but two things are different. The background is not as creamy and the fine detail is slightly edgier."

I might add that I carefully cut off the stack at the slice that has the deepest part of the subject in focus. That keeps the background OoF. Sometimes it's a lot of frames into the bit bucket. 🙂

The bee in flight was a nice catch--

OM-1 Pro Capture Mode is a good way to get insect in good pose and in flight photos (although this one was just quick, lucky reaction). Again, lots of bit bucket frames.

reminded me of Jim.

Ah yes, I miss Jim. A couple of mementos 

and <http://www.moosemystic.net/Gallery/Others/Nichols/20180817-DSCF9452.jpg>

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