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Re: [OM] Help with Spyder X calibration

Subject: Re: [OM] Help with Spyder X calibration
From: Lawrence Plummer <plummerl@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2024 19:33:02 +0000
Assuming we're talking about Windows, the monitor settings are contained in an 
.ICC file. For the monitor, these are located in:


Unless there's an editor out there, the file is binary. Whoops! Turns out there 
is an editor (ICC Profile Inspector) at:


Larry in Seattle

> Thanks Wayne.
> I am using a Dell (think the model is U2412m) and an HP Z24i. The HP has just
> replaced an older HP panel which was pre LED and getting steadily dimmer.
> The software at one point wanted me to set the HP to 120 cdm2. I ignored this
> and left it at 180 while I continued the calibration. Once that was finished
> and the new LUT loaded, the monitor dimmed considerably. I suspect I was now
> only using half the monitors brightness range. I started again with a brighter
> room light measurement and was now advised to use 180 for the HP but 200 for
> the Dell next to it.
> Moose suggested finding where the monitor settings are held on disk but I have
> had no luck with that. Searched program data, program files, registry, whole 
> of
> boot disk - nothing.
> Mike

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