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[OM] Moving spoils for sale

Subject: [OM] Moving spoils for sale
From: Larry Griffin <larry.giles.griffin@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2023 15:26:45 -0800
I’m in the process moving north to Washington, I’ve had enough of the
Central Valley heat. I’ve been putting off selling the photography
equipment till I had room to lay it out and make some decisions by using it
as to what was keepers for digital, but I do have some duplicates, things
forgotten, and excess;

Olympus 50mm f:1.4, lens, Hoya UV (0), both caps, looks good $50

Olympus 35mm f:2, Hoya skylight, good condition $60

OM-2, 1 ea.  black, one silver, these were serviced by Photosphere and not
been used since, both look very good, each will come with an Olympus 50mm
F1:1.8 $60)

Olympus Quick Auto 310 with Bounce grip very good condition, includes
Remote Sensor, some of the lettering is faded but still readable no
corrosion in either of the battery compartments, the flash still works $40

Olympus AF 50mm F1:1.8, looks good $10

Olympus case 135mm F3.5 very good condition, no strap $5

Makinon Reflex Mirror lens, 500mm 1:4.  1:4.5  1:5, Macro 1:6, these
apertures don’t seem to correlate with what is on eBay which are
predominantly 1:8  $70

Vivitar Automatic Tele Converter 3X-21,  no case, looks good $10

Fungus Alert, Olympus lens auto-T 1 : 2.8 f = 180 mm,  fungus appears to be
on rear elements and speckled, 72mm Hoya skylight filter, shame doesn’t
look like it was used much, had it before digital, make offer, trade, I
need a 128mb compact flash drive type 1or2

Olympus Lens Hood .2/35,   looks good not pristine $35

Olympus Flash T 18, PITA to put batteries in

Vivitar Flash 151, kind of odd, shoe is in the reverse direction

Vivitar Flash 200

Olympus E20N, I bought this system many years ago from a widow and Olympus
E20N, all the lenses from Macro to Telephoto, manuals, and lens boxes,
spare battery holder with case, the boxes that appear not be here are for
the E-20N body, telephoto (has nice case, both telephoto and camera body
cases show some divots and scrapes, with tripod mount,), were part of this
buy, collectible

I wasn’t able to get it to show any signs of life, cleaned the terminals,
RTFM, help in one searches one suggestion said take the batteries out and
leave sit overnight, that worked, unfortunately the Compact Flash drives
are all showing an error when installed and I need to read again why Won’t
the memory cards work

I charging batteries now when I have more time I will get some pictures
out, need good weather too.

This went a little bit further than I expected, there is more packed in
boxes but I will get to those another time, I can send pictures on request
with the iPhone or text 209 four nine sex double 3 4 6, email off list

Returns granted on request PayPal or invoice you through my bank
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