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Subject: Re: [OM] Moose and Carol visit
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Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2023 22:26:56 +0000 (UTC)
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Great photo of the master poet and artist. And who is the tolerant black cat?
Thanks for looking Wayne.   That is Othello Patroclus himself, aka HRH.  He is 
our beloved ruler and  as a true force of nature, he governs activities at 145 
Woodland Mead.  
I previously posted a brief description of the OP force--addended below.  The 
mediating particle must be massless or nearly so as the range of the force 
appears limitless. (like the photon for the electromagnetic force or the 
putative graviton.  

" In order of increasing strength:

    5. The Gravitational Force
    This is the force that holds us onto the Earth. It could be important in 
our daily life, but on the scale of atomic world it is of negligible or no 
importance at all. Gravitational force is cumulative and extended to infinity.
    But on the scale of individual particles, the force is extremely small, 
only in the order of 10**-38 times that of the strong force--10**-50  times 
that of the OP force 
    4.  The Weak Force This force is responsible for nuclear beta decay and 
other similar decay processes involving fundamental particles. The range of 
this force is smaller than 1 fm and is 10**-7 weaker than the strong force
    3. The Electromagnetic Force    This is the force which exists between all 
particles which have an electric charge. For example, electrons (negative 
charge) bind with nucleus of an atom, due to the presence of protons (positive 
charge). The force is long range, in principle extending over infinite 
distance. It is 100 times weaker than the strong force and  twelve orders of 
magnitude weaker yet again than the OP force--mediated by photons as described 
by QED--quantum electrodynamics.
    2.  The Strong Force
    This force is responsible for binding of nuclei. It is the dominant one in 
reactions and decays of most of the fundamental particles. This force is so 
strong that it binds and stabilize the protons of similar charges within a 
nucleus. However, it is very short range. No such force will be felt beyond the 
order of 1 fm (femtometer or 10**-15 m). Mediated by Gluons as described in 
QCD-- Quantum chromodynamics.
    1.  OP Force    Othello  Patroclus  Force -- Governs all particle activity 
at 145.  Mediated by force of will and remains unexplained by quantum theory.  
    Physics lesson for the day, Mike"

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