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Re: [OM] The global shutter era has arrived

Subject: Re: [OM] The global shutter era has arrived
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2023 11:11:19 -0800
On 11/7/2023 3:34 PM, usher99--- via olympus wrote:


Sony A9 III Main Features:
    - 24.6-megapixel full-frame stacked sensor

    - Global shutter at up to 120 fps

    - No flash sync speed limits, even while using third-party flashes

I know this is important to you. LR says that, of 75,684 still frames taken with E-M5, E-M5 II, E-M1 II and OM-1, six, in 2012 and 13, were with flash.

The Panny GX 7, 85 and 9 bodies have built-in, pop-up flashes. Of 14,589 still 
frames taken with them, 31 used flash.

I believe the above to be accurate. OTOH, LR says I never used flash on my Sony bodies, and that's not true. Don't know what's with that. OYAH, I know all flash use was on tripod or copy stand, of unmoving things, so it doesn't matter.

Soooo . . . This is a non-issue for me. 🙂

      - Global shutter also eliminates banding caused by flickering lights

This sounds useful, although I can't recall a shot where that was a problem. I think there was some banding in the background of these shots, but it's of no consequence. <http://galleries.moosemystic.net/MooseFoto/index.php?gallery=Tech/Misc&image=_1010182.jpg>

    - Shutter speed up to 1/80,000 in single shot, burst up to 1/16,000

Sounds cool, but what practical use? Shutter speed on the cameras I use seem 
sufficient. Can't recall wanting faster.

    - Shortcut button to quickly go from 20 fps to 120 fps

Do you have any idea how fast that fills up card and disk storage? Oly's Pro Mode is much slower, and eats card space. Again, I'm not sure how I might use this.

    - In-camera star rating to quickly sort through those 120 fps bursts

Quickly? It takes time in LR with Pro Mode shots. I'm going to be taking a few minutes to clean up in the field, while missing the next shots?

    - Pre-capture for up to 1 second before the shutter is released

Like Oly Pro Mode? That is quite useful. It takes a a bit of learning to use it effectively without filling cards and losing precious time of life later.

    - Real-time eye autofocus, even with 120 fps

No idea how this would work for me. I know I'm sometimes not "focusing", paying attention, to the subject. I commonly use my good peripheral vision to hurry or delay shots in places where people wander into and out of the frame. Does my primary focus wander then? Does it wander at other times, as I compose, frame, etc?
With Oly Bird Focus. I am blessedly spared worry of where my eye wanders.

    - 759 autofocus points covering 95.6 percent of the frame

How do they decide what to focus on? Not a silly question to me, as I regularly use single, center spot AF, move the frame to focus, half-press, reframe, then take the shot. I can't think off hand of when I may have used multi-point AF.

    - Low light autofocus down to -5 EV at f1.8


    - Tilting LCD touchscreen

Meh. I've used many tilt screens and many twist and shout ones. Both have plusses; neither is perfect. All my primary cameras at the moment are T&S, 'cause that's what came with the things I really care about.

    - 9.44 million dot OLED EVF with 120 fps refresh rate at highest quality 
240 fps with reduced quality

Quirky again, I'm extraordinarily VF agnostic.

    - Dust and weather-resistant

Here, we finally come to the differences is my use of Sonys vs. Oly/OMs. The Sonys don't go out in the rain.. Also, I'd be surprised if any of the lenses I use on them were dust/weather resistant.

Base ISO is 250.  Not sure what the performance costs of global shutter will be.

Not to pooh pooh global shutter as progress. It's that this Sony costs a lot for little benefit for my use, and is bigger and heavier and a different form factor than my much liked A7C. When OM gets one, I may get more interested . . .
Sync at any speed, Mike

Sync Free Moose

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