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Re: [OM] "The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades"

Subject: Re: [OM] "The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades"
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2022 14:06:06 -0800
On 11/6/2022 8:40 AM, Michael R. Collins wrote:
Cataract surgeries done with and successful.


The world is brighter - need shades more often outdoors (but my bad for not being conscientious earlier in life, UV almost certainly one of the cataract causes),

I've always been close to obsessed with wearing sunglasses and hats with at least a bill. I did it because I was uncomfortable in the sun otherwise. So far, it has turned out to have been an excellent strategy.

have had to turn down screen brightness - and colours more vibrant. Interesting, thought, that the major change is at the blue end of the spectrum - skies "better" blue, more contrast with clouds... whereas yellow and red autumn leaves not as much of a difference. (Comparisons made during interregum between the two surgeries.)

Chose distance vision both eyes, think this was right

I think so. For a time, I wore contacts that gave me distance correction for my dominant eye and close for the other. It worked for me for quite a few years. Then, as the lenses got stiffer, I found I had a middle distance softness. I switched to progressive external lenses, which has been better.

but shortly off to see my optometrist for "computer" and reading glasses; not sure whether distinct pairs or multifocals or progressives.

I have two pair (plus a back-up of "regular") Progressives work very well for almost everything. Go top of the line aspherics, I have best Zeisses at the moment. Long ago, I ordered bifocals as BU, mass market (Lenscrafters?) outlet made an error and gave me their bargain progressives. I complained; "No extra charge, enjoy." Tried them for a couple of days - YUCK. Took 'em back, demanded what I'd ordered.

BTW, gray sun reaction tinting gets darker and responds quicker to changes in 
light than brown.

I also have, and use, "computer" glasses. The progressives work, but only if I hold my head up at an unnatural angle. For reading, the natural angle at which I read coincides with that part of the progressives, so no reading glasses needed. Don't stint on the coatings!

BTW, short, wide lenses, cool or popular though they may be, aren't good for progressives; they cut off the closest focusing part.

Have been experimenting with a few pairs of inexpensive "drugstore" and "Amazon" fixed diopter spectacles, now have a rough idea of what is optimal for the various distances: computer ~70cm, reading books and newspapers ~45-50cm, desk notebook and keyboard ~25-35cm (yes, sadly not a touch typist, muscle memory very good but need at least a glance at the keyboard for indexing).

Any observations from those with prior experience? Just guessing, a *few* list members are of a generation where this is relevant.

Now, do I have to go back and re-do all photo editing from the last decade or 

YES!!  😂  😛

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