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Re: [OM] OT: Old PC, New PC

Subject: Re: [OM] OT: Old PC, New PC
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2022 16:21:18 -0700
On 11/3/2022 11:25 PM, Peter Klein wrote:
OT but relevant:
My faithful, almost 10 year-old Dell Optiplex 980 is doing two odd things. I do plan to replace it after Christmas, when (if?) unload-the-inventory sales kick in. But in the meantime:

Gruesome details: Win10 professional (which was upgraded from Win7, so the registry has all old installation remnants on it).  8 GB RAM, 433 GB Crucial SSD system drive with 268 GB free, 1.81 TB conventional HDD data drive with 1.23 TB free. The latter has all my photos on it. The motherboard doesn't have a fast/broad enough path to take full advantage of the SSD, but it still helps. The SSD is trimmed and the HDD data drive is defragged weekly. I back up my data to both an external SSD and a conventional drive regularly.

You don't mention processor, or GPU. First old and slow, second non-existent?

1. Anything simple I could do to improve things?

Probably not. Sure, there are things to try, but which may work and how much time, frustration and modest wasted $$ are you interested in spending?

2. Recommendations for a new PC?  I've not kept up with hardware in the last 
few years.

Before the Flood, I built my own. Then Gateway and SysteMax made somewhat customizable machines for little more than the retail component costs. Most recently, prices seemed too high to me. I bought the pieces and put them together. Turned out to be easier than in the old days, things are so standardized. Fired right up, and has been going since.

I wouldn't mind something smaller than an under-the-desk tower. I do want 16 GB RAM.

No, you don't; as you say, "I've not kept up with hardware in the last few years. " 32 GB is really the minimum for current Windoze machines. OS and apps bloat to fill the available space.

I don't need a "screamer" gamer's PC, but low end is too low for me. Aside from the usual Web surfing, writing and email, I do three things with the PC:

* Photo editing, up to 24 GB Raw files.

Yup, yup = at least 32 GB of RAM. Not numerically based - experience based. 64 
GB really is better.

* Music composition. Editing is not hugely resource intensive. Playback is comparable to photo editing. I don't do video except to occasionally trim the "dead air" at the beginning and end of a video musical performance. * Amateur radio.  Mostly digital signal processing, which is sometimes heavy on the processor, not really taxing the rest of the system much. And my log, which is a SQL light database.

Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-10900K CPU @ 3.70GHz,  64.0 GB, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 
4 GB Vram graphics board.

Black Friday sales??

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