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Re: [OM] Monitor setup and calibration

Subject: Re: [OM] Monitor setup and calibration
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2022 09:06:18 -0700
At 7/17/2021 06:10 PM, I wrote:
>At 7/17/2021 09:33 AM, Mike Lazzari wrote:
>>Check this out. Your monitor is probably in their list. I've found that the 
>>suggested setting are very good.
>Thanks Mike, I did find a profile and the brightness and contrast settings 
>recommend for the profile is definitely better on my eyes. I have been using 
>the setting for several hours now and it seem right.

Learning new stuff, just thought I would document this thread...

I used the profile suggested on tftcentral.co.uk for a while. Recently I 
purchased the Calibrite (Xrite rebranded I1) colorchecker Display Plus to 
calibrate my monitor. Although the tftcentral has OK profiles, they are set for 
a specific target cd/m2 brightness level and contrast. For my monitor, U2117D, 
the brightness setting was for 30 and contrast of 75 for their profile. That is 
very limiting if you want something different, like a brighter setting. I now 
have calibrated my monitor to 250cd/m2 and brightness comes out at 77 (vs 30). 
My monitor max spec is ~350 cd/m2 and factory default is 75.

The ccProfiler, I discovered on a FM post, has an option to "measure the 
contrast from a printer icc profile. Not all profiles have that embedded." So 
you can set the profile to a specific paper, or if you know a paper's value, 
you can set that in ccProfile and do the calibration to match the paper.

I think contrast and brightness has the greatest effect on how I view my 
photos. Since those are variables one can set, picking the right values is 
still a matter of choice. Set it for online viewing or for specific paper? New 
conundrum. Printing adds its own set of confusion.

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