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[OM] [OT] Some simple relational database design choices

Subject: [OM] [OT] Some simple relational database design choices
From: Jez Cunningham <jez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2021 12:55:45 +0000
Really off-topic but since being retired I've lost all my contacts in the
IT world and don't know where to turn for advice.
Maybe one of you is a bit more current than I am.  (YouTube doesn't let you
ask questions!)

I have a simple-ish requirement to build a rota for people volunteering to
help on village stalls for our village street fayre next summer.  I have 3
look-up tables: People, Stalls, and Shift-times and a 4th table which
assigns a person to a shift on a stall.  The 3 lookups exist and are
more-or-less fully populated with 300 people, 30 stalls and 10
shift days/times.  That 4th table is to be populated manually as
people volunteer.

That means I need a controlled data entry form, picking a combination from
the three lookup primary keys.
And then I need reporting:
(1) to email each person (email address is a secondary field in the People
table) with a list of what stalls they're working on at what times and
(2) to email each stallholder (a secondary field in the Stalls table) with
a list of who's working on their stall and at what times.
If I can just run the right query/report to get a flat file (Excel table)
of the total rota, I can do the link to email them through a mail-merge
(that's what I did last time)

I managed all of this in Excel last time (almost 4 years ago) and since
then add-ons like PowerPivot and DAX have appeared, so I can probably
continue to do it in Excel but a bit less-clumsily.

All I really need advice on is am I still making the right choice to use
Excel?  (I've built the model in Access too but I'm less familiar with
it.)   What do I need to study?  (DAX?)  And which add-ons are going to be
most useful for reporting?

Thanks to anyone who can shine some light (off-line) into my dim corner,
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