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[OM] IMG: Eindhoven

Subject: [OM] IMG: Eindhoven
From: Nathan Wajsman <photo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2021 09:41:29 +0200
Last week I was in the Netherland from Tuesday morning to Friday evening, my 
first business trip abroad since early March 2020. Most of the trip was in 
Eindhoven, where our office was sponsoring the DesignEuropa Award in 
conjunction with the Dutch Design Week being held there, and we held our 
semi-annual meetings with our stakeholders there as well. So lots of work, but 
also some time to explore Eindhoven and to visit my friends Anna and Geert, who 
worked for the company on the outskirts of Eindhoven that I managed from 2005 
to 2007.

Eindhoven is the fifth-largest city in the Netherlands but is much less known 
than Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht (the top 4). Partly this is 
because it is well away from the metropolis formed by the four big cities on 
the eastern shore of the country, and partly because for a tourist there isn’t 
much to see in Eindhoven. It is a city that grew because of the Philips 
company, founded there in 1891, and today it is a very dynamic high-tech 
region, with an ecosystem of smaller companies that grew around the two big 
ones (besides Philips, ASML is also based in Eindhoven). It is a liveable and 
functional city, but it does not have the charm of Amsterdam with its canals or 
the amazing architecture of Rotterdam. So chances are that most of you have 
never visited Eindhoven. Here is a small gallery of photos taken during a 
couple of days, including small urban details, and even some people:


All images made with the Panasonic GX80 and mostly the 12-60mm Panasonic lens. 
A few of the nighttime images with the 1.7/20mm Panasonic.

As always, comments and critique are welcome and appreciated.


Nathan Wajsman



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