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Re: [OM] I was more ready this time

Subject: Re: [OM] I was more ready this time
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2021 07:16:55 -0700
At 7/30/2021 07:38 PM, Mike wrote:

>WayneS writes:
><<Nice. Looks contemplative.
><<Is it Audubon Society material or <<did you use AI sharpen on it :-)?
>Thanks for looking.  Good call.  MR. Hawk was in shadow and a bit surprised by 
>the noise at base ISO.
>Denoise AI first did the heavy lifting â??sharpeningâ?? and a wee touch up 
>with Topaz sharpen.  The lens is a tad soft at long end near max aperture and 
>Iâ??m sure atmospheric effects did not help.  

Since you allow zooming in, and my experience with the AI tools, I can tell by 
closer look at the lichen on the fence where it attempts to sharpen but can't 
quite do it, then toward the top of the fence it gets a bit fuzzy but distinct 
edge with the background. Zoomed out it is harder to tell. I think the tools 
don't do quite as well with a combination of some motion blur and some focus 

Also if you zoom in on the beak and notice the feathers just above, I can tell 
the AI tools just don't quite do it. But zoomed out it is less noticeable. The 
AI tools are great but at times not so much. Sometimes the magic doesn't happen.

Still a great shot. We have a lot of hawks around here, but I have yet to get a 
great shot. We also have owls, but are more often around at dusk and push the 
ISO and distance. If my cat is outside at the time, I am alert as they are 
known to pick up a 12 lb cat.

AI-Nit-Picking WayneS

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