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Re: [OM] IMGS: Honduras Children

Subject: Re: [OM] IMGS: Honduras Children
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 1 Jan 2021 14:18:05 -0800
On 1/1/2021 12:09 PM, Tina Manley wrote:
Thanks, Moose.  I did use Topaz DeNoise but at the default setting.  I need
to explore it more.

With three different models/engines, and four settings for each, it takes a little time to find the right settings for any given sort of image. In "View", top right, there is a comparison view that's very useful.

The "Auto" choices seem to me really wrong. They tend to do minimal NR and far too much sharpening, which tends to defeat the purpose.

Good starting points:
Denoise AI
- Remove Noise = 21
- Enhance Sharpness = 1 (the minimum possible)
- Recover Original Detail = 10-15
- Color Noise Reduction = 0
  (These are the settings I used for the examples.)

AI Clear
- Remove Noise = Medium
- Enhance Sharpness = Low
- Recover Original Detail = 10-15
- Color Noise Reduction = 0

Low Light
- Remove Noise = 20
- Enhance Sharpness = 0
- Recover Original Detail = 10-15
- Color Noise Reduction = 0

There are, of course, cases where much different settings work best.

At the moment, the great weakness is the lack of saved profiles. One must remember or make notes of the ones that work for various types of images.

As you can see, I almost never use sharpening in Denoise. I much prefer the results using Denoise for NR, then Sharpen AI for sharpening. You may recall this example of the magic available in Sharpen AI for movement blur. <cid:part1.48B124BF.60C5C612@gmail.com>

Settings Moose

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