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Re: [OM] Topaz Gigapixel AI vs. Olympus Handheld/tripod High Res

Subject: Re: [OM] Topaz Gigapixel AI vs. Olympus Handheld/tripod High Res
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2020 22:15:29 -0700
On 9/27/2020 7:01 PM, MICHAEL GORDON via olympus wrote:
Have seen various incarnations of this.  GP more convenient now as can invoke 
in PS from automate menu since ver 5.10.  GP does sharpen some even if turned 
down it seems.  There should be an easier way to replace moving objects with 
data from one image.

If you’re short megapickels, create them, Mike


That was interesting, at least after he got to the meat of it. These guys sure do jabber on, once in front of the camera. Makes me feel I was right about the GX9s and E-M1 II. The vast majority of the time I might have thought about using the Hand-held HR mode, something would be moving. The only thing I've really used HR for is hefty tripod mounted lens tests, anyway.

I really dislike video reviews. He says corners are better with GP, but I can't really see that in the video. Give me 100% crop sample images!

As to "replace moving objects with data from one image", that sounds really tricky, When I start thinking how it  might be done.

He seems to say that the HH HR mode relies on micro movements of the camera. That would free up sensor movement for IBIS, which would then eliminate the needed movements? HUH? IBIS adjusted for the micro movements for HR?

Partially Informed Moose

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